FANATIC Fly Allround 11’0″ HRS

Fanatic Fly Allround HRS This compact, balanced design suits either lightweights or heavier beginners with a genuine surfing rocker line and flat deck with volume out on the rail for stability.The low entry gets you into waves early for true surfing sensations off the tail.

The rails are soft up front and sharp in the tail for smooth and powerful riding helped by pronounced V and a pintail for back-foot carving.Comes in lightweight High Resistance Skin (HRS) with deluxe Deck Pad, or with GripDeck, or in SoftTop with Foam Moulded Deck and Rail protection with High Density Slick PE bottom.

  • 11’0” x 32”, 217L
  • Technologie : High Resistance Skin
  • Aileron : 1 Fly 9″ Fiberglass
High Resistance Skin (HRS)
Strong enough to cope with the toughest environments, the HRS outer skin and weight-to-strength formula is perfect for riders of all levels.


Key Features:
– CAD-sculpted balance flow curves
– True Surfing Rocker Lines with flat v into Full-V Bottom for riding off-the-tail
– Low Nose Entry for wave-catching and glide
– Flat Deck with volume wide on rails for stability
– Soft Rails up front and sharp tail edges for smooth power riding
– Pintail for maximum top turn release
– 4 Constructions for maximum value and performance choice

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En partie clair
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Surtout nuageux
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En partie clair
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